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Penn Optical Coatings is a trusted expert with 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high precision optical coatings. We know optics manufacturing and work with many of the top US based optical companies from prototype to large volume, with optics ranging from 1 mm to 1 meter. We control every step in our efficient manufacturing of finished optics, including our coating library of over 7,500 optical coating designs, in-house custom tooling, lean manufacturing processes to deliver value, quality, and consistent results. Penn Optical Coatings is registered with the US DDTC for manufacture of defense articles in compliance with ITAR. All coatings are produced in the USA.

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Optical Coating Expertise: Meet the Team

Iain MacMillan

Iain MacMillan, Penn Optical Coatings’ CEO, founded the company in 2013. In Iain’s 40 years of optical coating expertise and technical leadership, he has held numerous positions at leading optical companies, including Edmund Optics where he was Corporate Director for Optical Coatings. Iain is passionate about the science behind coating technology and continually innovates to solve customers’ problems. Iain holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Strathclyde.

Penn Optical Coatings has developed a team that understands the delicacy and importance of coatings.
Meet some of the coating experts you will work with during a project.
Linda Adam_edit
Linda Adam
Senior Optical Cleaner

45 years in Optics and Coatings

Will Hacker_edit
Will Hacker
Lead Coating Technician

44 years in Optical Coatings

Kelsi Foraker_edit
Kelsi Foraker
Senior Inspector

13 years in optics and coatings

Joined Penn Optical Coatings in 2013

Natasha Iotov_edit
Natasha Iotov
Optical Coating Physicist

BA Physics, University of Pennsylvania
2 years in Optical Coatings

Randy Trinidad_edit
Randy Trinidad
Coating Technician

16 years in Optical Coatings

Sheila Roberts_edit
Sheila Roberts
Optical Cleaner

40 years in Optical Coatings

Casey Foraker_edit
Casey Foraker
Coating Technician

9 years in Optical Coatings

Betsy Rose_edit
Betsy Rose
Senior Office Manager

39 years in Optics and Coatings

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